I am having the best time taking this blogging class called Blog Power – Blogging Your Way taught by Decor8 Blogger Holly Becker from Germany.

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Since I launched Ivy and Sprig in February….well and even before that, I’ve been soaking up internet classes on technology, writing, photography, photo styling and SEO (search engine optimization) which is how a blog gets picked up out in the internet universe by google and the search engines.  Basically social media.

This class has been especially inspiring because it connects me online to over 250 other bloggers from ALL over the world.  Literally, ALL over the world.  From Tokyo to Cape Town to Berlin to Melbourne.  Our homework each week involves introspection and collaboration.  We share information with each other about blogs we are following, instagram accounts we admire and other sorts of things that allow us to critique what we are doing and give each other feedback.  Our very first homework was to list five favorite instagram accounts that we follow and why we like them.

SO FOR YOU…..I have sifted through over 250 bloggers recommendations….that’s 1,250 instagram accounts.  Get ready to see a window on life, interiors, food and fashion from all over the world!

I’ve culled them to 20 for now and will share more later.  I think they are inspiring, creative, beautiful and fun.  On some, I’ve included their following count to help you get an understanding of how popular they are in their culture.

So grab that Iced Tea I left you up there and Enjoy!

ensuus Suzanne De Jong Interior Stylist winner of the 2015 Dutch Mom Blog award – blog is all in Dutch but the interiors are what you want to see; 27.4K Following

Coffee Pen from Auckland, New Zealand

Food Stories Berlin Germany

Local Haven 85.9K Followers from Portland Oregan

Angry Baker American Expat Living in London for all of you who love London

Luisa Brimble Sydney, Australia 56.5K Following

Courtney Adamo (want to know what life would be like if you just packed up the kids and left?  She has four and is travelling the world…great fun following them)

By Audrey Jeanne A French Children’s Illustrator

Leslie Shewring A photographer from Vancouver using only her iPhone takes spectacular photos

Yoli and Otis Makes me want to have a baby again!  Guessing Australia since they refer to Byron Bay

Ellie Bay Gulov Food Photographer from Portland

Pieces Calligraphy How does she do that?  Videos on calligraphy

Bliu07 Microstores of food and travel

Marte Forsberg Norwegian living in the English Countryside…beautiful! 263K Following

Evelina Wagner A Swedish Acrobatics teacher and photographer who has adopted a precious little boy from South Africa (I couldn’t make this stuff up, I promise…it’s like jumping into another world!)

Meatballssmama Food and culture, Pacific Northwest

Kotonohi from Nara, Japan Love this pale photography and minimalism (darn if this link is still not pulling but I’m leaving this in because you need to grab your phone and look her up….it’s pretty)

Gintare Marcel Food Photographer from Zurich, very pretty styling, dark and moody blues, slates, grays

Oh Joy Many of you may be familiar with Joy Cho but if not, she’s a great one to follow…she’s in California and the number one Mommy blogger in the country or maybe she falls into the design blog category now since she makes everything from fabrics to bandaids.  308K Following

Delphine Chanet  – classic French styling (same as above, link is not taking but for my Frenchie friends you would love this so look her up).

You can see some images from my Instagram feed in the sidebar, and I would be most grateful if you followed me, Ivy & Sprig.

For those of you who want to learn a little bit more about how to up your instagram game for your own work, I will bring you some tips that I am learning on how to do that.  For a start, while you comb through these, try to notice what FOUR colors they most often use that make their photos so similar.  For instance, compare Meatballssmama to Oh Joy.  We can talk more about that later.

If you have a favorite that you want to share, I would love to see it.  Leave it in the Reply Box below and we can build some amazing instagram accounts.

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