Hey Ivy and Sprig friends,

I know how crazy life gets, especially in the Spring with sports and ramped up academics for the kids, meetings, travel, volunteer commitments….it can be a head spinning time!  

So, I’m launching a series of SHORT posts called Tip Tuesday!  These posts will be specifically ideas to make your busy life easier.  

My goal is to curate for you some of the best ideas for productivity as it relates to women on the MOVE.  So, I do the research and you just check back here every Tuesday for an idea to increase your productivity or make your life better in some way.

Today’s tip comes from one of my favorite podcasts, Organize 365

Create a shelf in your fridge for “crunch ins or add ins.”  I take nuts and dried fruits out of their bags, store them in clear mason jars on one full shelf in my refridgerator.

This makes it so easy to grab a few jars and put them out for my kids to add to their oatmeal or yogurt in the mornings.  They are also great for smoothies and ice cream.  

My nuts and fruit stay fresh longer this way and we can see everything easily so we choose to get them out more often.  Just seeing these almonds makes me want to make trout almandine for dinner!  

Try making a smoothie, oatmeal and yogurt “crunch in” shelf in your fridge!  

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Do you have an idea for Tip Tuesday?  Reach out to me by email at ivyandsprig@gmail.com.  Have a great day!








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