A friend gave me this giant mason jar of the best granola nut mix from Blackberry Farm, which is a resort in the smoky mountains of Tennessee.  Describing Blackberry Farms is another episode altogether because it is to die for but the granola takes me back there every time I taste it.  This is the morning treat I’m craving lately.  Even though its cold outside, it still tastes so good to me.

DSC09413 (1)

I like to use plain Greek Yogurt because it just contrasts the berries and the granola which is toasted with a little honey so it is just a mouthful of crunch, creamy and bursts of fruit.  Sometimes I drizzle a little honey on top.  A nutritionist told me to eat about a cup of berries a day for their antioxidants and the honey from local bees has a little antibiotic properties too.



I have two friends who are beekeepers and make their own honey.  Both are ingenious and smart accomplished career women and honey is a sweet side thing for them but they are really good at it!  I hawk the honey so my family doesn’t mistake it for something they can just pour all over their pancakes or something.



One tastes of thyme and lavender and is really light golden.  It’s also pretty amazing on cheese.  The other is rich, amber and sweet in a more burnt way that makes you want it on well toasted brioche.  Both taste great on my berry good breakfast!

I’m no marketing girl for Blackberry Farms but I am just in love with these toasted nuts, oats and seeds. Pretty, right?  Maybe Blackberry Farms should hire me!  This is just a great way to start my day.


It does have a little butter….but I’m sure it’s just a tiny bit.  And a little cane sugar but I’m sure it’s mostly sweetened by Apple cider and Oranges…and a tiny bit of honeee!






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