I really don’t know what we did before our smart phones. I try to tell my kids a story about a time when I couldn’t reach someone or used a giant paper map to find my way and they look at me with a blank stare like I’m nuts. Apps are just the coolest thing ever and I love to find out what other people are using too. I thought I’d tell you a few that I use everyday (or just about) that really help me get things done faster or more efficiently. Here are 12 apps that could make your day run better.

A day in the life of my smartphone looks like this:


First, I check Scripture of the Day – sometimes if I want, I swipe to the left and get another. I love this app for getting me off on the right foot in the morning with a message from God.

2. Twitter feed gives me a little news and links to news,

3. Wunderlist – my friend, Karen Sachar turned me on to this app and I was immediately hooked. She’s a professional photographer with a lot to keep up with and she said she used it all the time. The funcionality of this list keeping app holds everything from my daily to-do’s to packing lists for certain types of vacations. I can share the lists with others like my husband (for honey do’s). I can also print them to pass out to my family! Oh they just LUV that.

3. 7 Minute Workout – this app clocks me doing a workout that will have me huffing pretty quickly with lunges, planks, jumping jacks, pushups and sit ups. My friend Susanna and I work out together a lot and sometimes we add this to our long walks to get the strength training we need. You can add seven more minutes to it also to make the workouts longer. This app is also great for anyone who travels and needs a workout in a hotel room.

4. While I’m cleaning up and getting dressed for the day, I usually listen to podcasts on Ipodcast. These teach and inspire me in lots of areas of interest. I just download different series that I like. I listen to Get it Done Guy, Lewis Howes and the school of Greatness, Joyce Meyers, and lately one called Stuff you missed in History Class. Truly, there are so many to choose from that I could listen all day but the reason I love podcasts is because I can learn so much more by listening than I have time or frankly the eyes to read. (my eyes get tired more easily these days).

5. If it’s a special event type of day, I’m going to have already booked someone to come do a blowout on my hair at home with Be Glammed. Be Glammed hair and makeup stylists can be booked through their app on a calendar as easy as if I was ordering takeout. When they show up, I’m already showered with wet hair so they dry it while I efficiently respond to emails and take care of business on my phone. Now I don’t do this everyday or even one day a week but really I should because there is nothing better than walking out the door with great hair after already doing all my emails. Top of the world! Maybe when I’m a superstar BLOGGER, I’ll get my hair blown out everyday!! Be Glammed is also great for groups like pre-prom or wedding parties.

5. If I’m on my way to a meeting or lunch, I’m usually using the app Waze to get me there the fastest way possible. This app is like map quest but with a brain for getting you there fast by avoiding realtime roadblocks and traffic. Waze will sometimes take me down some side streets to miss a hold up but they do it for a reason and I just get everywhere I need to be so much faster.

6. Of course by now I’ve probably already checked my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter again. Follow Ivy and Sprig on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I try to add something to each day to inspire busy people like you!

7. If I need to book a flight today, I’m usually on Hipmunk which rates the flights by Agony (length/time of flight plus price). This is our favorite in my family for seeing all the options for travel and getting the best choice.

8. I’m also likely to check my Mint app to see how our family money is being spent around town. Here, I can track our budgets and all of our accounts and credit cards. It gives me a good perspective on where we are on each of our categories each month with a bar graph that is green but turning to yellow and then red when we are hitting our self-imposed limit in each area of spending. Like PETS for example! Or FAST FOOD! Or ITUNES AND CELL PHONE DATA OVERAGE! Mint gives me a clear way to show my kids where we are with what related to money.

9. Spotify – what a great app for music. All music anytime and so many playlists to join. Love!

10. We talk a lot about the weather in the south and Dark Sky app is the one my husband uses for weather, I tend to just look at the weather app that came with my iPhone. I have it set to different cities so that I can see what’s going on in other places like Nashville where my sister lives or Charlottesville where my son lives.

11. If we didn’t get dinner done the old fashioned way then I lean on my Door Dash app to deliver us something yummy quick. Or maybe it’s something coming for the kids while Mr. Ivy and I check our Open Table app to pick a restaurant to make a last minute reservation out. We really do use Open Table a lot because we are kind of last minute kind of people….kind of.

12. I also use Around Me app frequently. My husband says I should just use yelp but I prefer Around Me to find anything from a UPS station, pharmacy, Target or whatever….when I’m not in my hood.

BONUS: Apps that I use for fun that are not everyday but you might like are Audiobooks, Periscope (ok this is new by the Twitter designers and very up and coming….it’s like youtube around the world in real time and you can communicate with the person while they are videoing) and Wordswag (you know how you see those photos on Pinterest with words on them? This is how they do it!). Postagram is pretty fun too. You can take a picture and for a small fee they turn it into a postcard and you can add a message and they mail it to whoever you want to mail it to….SUPER GREAT FOR CAMP MAIL.
Still learning snapchat so …..I’ll leave that out for now.
I hope something here helps YOUR day run more smoothly!


I bet you have some to share with me too…..and all of us! It’s an APP SWAP! Leave your favorites in the Leave a Reply box below to share. Don’t worry if you don’t see your comment come up right away….it will soon!

Technology is a great thing!



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