I love a great beach.  Beautiful sand, beautiful water.  They are relaxing, inviting and seem to bring my heartbeat down a notch to the rhythm of their waves.  These are a few I adore and love to go back to.


Paradise Island Bahamas, Ocean Club resort.  Spectacular.

Hilton Head

Hilton Head South Carolina at dusk

Harbor Island Bahamas

Harbor Island Bahamas and yes the sand is really pink.  Small island, gorgeous sand, water and sunsets.  Conch fritters and a beer at Sip Sips for lunch or dinner at the Dunmore al fresco for the perfect day.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica at sunset..


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico….There are so many fun things about heading down to Mexico….great food, great margaritas, and swimming and kayaking in this water makes you feel strong and alive and exhilerated.  Its so salty that you are buouant in it.  Lovely tan sand too.

Mmmm, now all I need is one of these and some guacamole.


Here’s a photo I love from the beach at East Hampton.  Two of my boys at the end of a long day playing in the waves.  LOVE….I can taste the Lobster rolls now.  I’m sure it took us forever to get this great spot after grabbing iced tea and picnic food from The Golden Pear.

East Hampton

This was fun, let’s play this beach game again sometime….tell me your favs in the comment box below.  Best, Ivy

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