My family just got back from Spring Break vacation. We had a great time and slept late and ate off schedule and pretty much did everything off schedule like hung around in pajamas until noon.  Now we are home and there is a lot of catching up to do….yikes!  Does your laundry and mail look like this after vacation?

3:21laundry and mail

We need to reacclimate, take care of all of the things that were tossed to the side to sift through later. It’s kind of a lot…it’ll get done….breathe, breathe.  I feel a little like a chicken with my head cut off…bawk!

3:21chicken toy up close

I remembered that I read a funny blog post on Momastery about perspective and the way we look at things. I might try thinking of my laundry a little more like this.


If I hold my nose and try not to wince when I lift the baskets, I can actually see how to be grateful for all these dirty clothes….you know, that they belong to people I love and that we even have them.  They may not be high fashion or anything but they keep us going and doing without being ratty or naked.

What about all this mail?



Most of this is trash but only because I don’t need or want what they are selling so that is really awesome!  Ok and then there are bills but they mean I have electicity, water, internet and other wonderful things.

Ok, now that my attitude is a little more adjusted, lets see what’s in the fridge?


Three lemons and that’s pretty much it….besides some sauces and butter.  So here’s what I made…Now to the important stuff….

THE GROCERY STORE….Ok what to make this week and how to restock the fridge.

Now if we can make a flower out of laundry and lemonade out of lemons then we can figure out this week’s restock and dinner plans.  My favorite blog for figuring out what to cook is A Healthy Life For Me where host Amy gives you a weekly meal plan that is easy and healthy.

Amy at A Healthy Life For Me

She gives a grocery list and recipes with sometimes 8-10 minute prep time and they are really good.  I usually pick two or three for a week and just make those but she’s got a whole weeks worth.  My family loves the Paleo Salmon cakes.  This week we are going to try the homemade  Cheddar Cheese Meatballs and the Slow Cooker Coconut Lemon Chicken.


Yum, right?!  Do you have a website for dinner ideas that you like? Share it in my Leave a reply box below so we can all spring forward with some new ideas for what to make for dinner.  I hope your perspecticles are polished and Sunday night planning makes this week’s reentry smooth and easy!



Garden rose

Garden rose



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