Ok literally, I found four unmailed thank you notes from last spring for my son’s last few graduation presents in a file in my office today!  I had been addressing and mailing them to help him get them out faster and here were four….undone.  Fine, mail three late with a note attached of apology for the delay.  But one….well one just stood out.  It said, “Dear Lauren and MONOGRAMMED CANTEEN,  Thank you so much for the monogrammed canteen ….and yada yada yada.  YIKES, what to do??? He’s in college, this is six months late!!

And I know he WAS busy enjoying party after party to celebrate spring and graduation.  And I know he WAS watching another episode of some series on Netflix while doing them but REALLY?  Dear Lauren and MONOGRAMMED CANTEEN?  To send or rewrite or trash or call or what to do?  Those of you who know me know I care but I’m not a perfectionist either.  Perfectionism is unattainable and a ridiculous endeavor so we go for excellent or good or good enough.  I am sure 90 percent of the thank you notes were good to excellent.  These four missed the mark.  Some because of me…I was probably looking for their address and they fell in a file and got lost.

So here’s what I chose, Good Enough for these four and especially this one.  I just stuck a post it note on them and wrote a note to the mom and hoped the mom has a sense of humor.  Any other ideas y’all?  I just couldn’t trash them and thought best to send late and even with an error than not at all.  sigh.  Comments welcome

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