Daily Devotionals
I have a mini library of devotionals laying around that have been supportive daily reads around the calendar year.  They give me just that word or teaching from God that I need to remind me of His love and strength each day.  When I pulled them all together they were all so different in feel and personality that I thought I’d share them with you in case there are some here that you hadn’t heard of or wanted try yourself.

I wish I could tell you that I wake up at 5 o’clock every day and have this deep dive wonderful private and quiet time with the Lord each day but the truth is my alarm goes off much later and I’m usually late before my feet hit the ground.  Quiet time is something I hope to have when I’m old.  I once heard that missionary Elizabeth Elliot used to throw a dish towel over her head with her Bible to have quiet time while her kids ran around all over the kitchen. That makes me laugh because I’m really not too far off from that…

If I leave these books around like bread crumbs all over the place; I somehow tend to find one somewhere in my day or before I go to sleep.  I’m still not on a set schedule each day in this regard, because each day is kind of different for me.  But, I love and need it.

This first one is by Joyce Meyers.  366 days of A New You….she even adds a bonus one!  This is like a makeover in a devotional.  If you are starting a new phase in your life, making changes and want God’s thorough spring clean on your heart, then this is an awesome devotional.  All of these have one page daily devotional readings with scriptures.

April 22 says this “God chooses the unlikely.  God purposely chooses those who are the most unlikely candidates for the job.  By doing so, He has a wide-open door to show His grace, mercy, and power to change human lives.”  The rest is good.  I promise.

Devos Joyce Meyer

This next one was given to me during a very difficult time in my life.  If you are going through a stage where you struggle with fear, sadness, depression or just generally feel like God isn’t listening to you then this one is really beautiful.  It spoke to my heart so much during that point in my life.  It’s a great one for me to have whenever I want to be reminded of God’s comfort and ability to see me through challenges. Streams in the Desert.

Devos Streams in the Desert

Billy Graham Day by Day is so classic and wonderful.  You will practically hear his voice speak these truths and they are so elemental and powerful at the same time.  Clear truth.

Devos Billy Graham

Everything that Beth Moore does is fantastic….from her books, to CDs and teachings on different Bible characters and history.  If you’ve never done a Bible study or you want to dive deep into a specific book of the Bible go to Living Proof Ministries  to find out more about Beth Moore and her teachings and conferences.  This Daily devotional is a book that leads you through praying scriptural promises back to God and explains why that’s effective.  Love! Praying God’s Word at Amazon.

Devos Beth Moore

I first found Joseph Prince on TV.  I know, I know. Random.  But true and to see a Japanese young guy wearing motorcycle leather and teaching so powerfully…well, I was captivated.   He explains complicated issues in the Bible so clearly and so understandably that I began to listen to his teaching more regularly.  This devotional is really great and shows Prince’s clear knowledge of Biblical history and spiritual understanding.  Destined to Reign

Devos Joseph Prince

Speaking of Prince’s….His Princess is such a positive sweet boost of devotionals for anyone struggling with their worth or beauty. Our world can be an assault on a woman’s worth on a daily basis and this one helps me focus on how God sees me and not what the world tells me is beautiful or attractive.  We all need to hear that we are valued and this book reminds me of my true worth and His love for me.

Devos His Princess

A Diary of Private Prayer is such a beautiful book.  It’s basically numbered one through 31 and has a morning prayer and an evening prayer for each day.  They are written in Old English but don’t let that throw you.  They are beautifully written and so real and humble, it’s like reading poetry and praying before going to bed and it just gets to the heart of life immediately.  This is a great gift too.  I know because someone gave it to me.  Don’t worry if you click on these links and the cover looks a little different now.  Some of the covers have been changed a little but these are the same books.

Devos A diary of Private Prayer

I hope those give you some new ideas for your bedside table or wherever you stash them to run into them during the day.  If you don’t normally read a devotional, try it, they give me a perspective that changes how I deal with situations, life and relationships all day long.

Do you have one to recommend to everybody?  Awesome. Leave it in the Reply box below and tell us why you like it.  Great ideas shared are better for us all!



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