Hustle, Hustle!!!  Ok, this is when it feels like someone just turned the speed up on the rat wheel for me.  Spring sport season.  With three boys, keeping up with all of their games and practices has been a sport in and of itself ….there are coaches emails, snack and cooler commitments and a spreadsheet of practices and games that make my head spin!  Then there’s the “Who needs to be where when” conversations with Mr. Ivy and my friends (it takes a village!) and gear to keep track of too!  My kids get handed off like footballs as Mr. Ivy and I divide and conquer!

In the middle of all that, WE GET HUNGRY!  AT WEIRD TIMES, and we’re GROUCHY!

Keeping heavy snacks in the fridge has been VITAL for my kids who may need to be at a warm-up at 4…game at 6 and then home at 8:30!  What to serve at 3:30 that gives them some bulk and energy to carry them through?

Here are a few of my kids favorites to MAKE or BUY and keep in the fridge during sports seasons!

Pop some protein; Classic Deviled Eggs

devilled eggs

Chicken Fingers; homemade or bought…these looked great from Chef in Training blog

chicken strips

Premade sandwiches cut in half and wrapped in wax paper or cellophane by halves, then stack on end in a tupperware tray so they can be grabbed quickly on the go.  Maybe not tuna and onions like this photo because it could get soggy but ham and cheese or whatever your kids like. Or a Turkey Croissant Sandwich.

Tuna Sandwich
croissant sandwich

How to get veggies during this busy time?  This works great!  Pre-pour the sauce and stick in veggies (plastic or mini disposable cups) and cover with cello to take and eat.  Keep it in the front and they will choose it.  Peanut butter or almond butter work great too.

crudite in a cup

Turkey tortilla roll ups/ or any type of rollup, pre-made wrapped and in an open topped tupperware container ready to take in the car.

Turkey Rollups

My kids love mini calzones made with pre-bought pizza dough.  We fill them with ground beef and onions and cheese or pizza ingredients.  These are from Handle The Heat.


Barbecue Chicken Drumsticks, YUM, but needs a paper towel and wet wipes.  Make and leave in the fridge.  These are from Bowl of Delicious

Barbeque Chicken Drumsticks

Boiled Shrimp with red sauce, Keep a little bowl of these and your kids will pop them without even getting a plate.  I’m not suggesting you ditch family dinner by the way, I”m just saying that sometimes in survival mode they just need food! From Natasha’s Kitchen

boiled shrimp

Hummus and pita or veggies, I’ve made hummus once or twice but really buying some and then putting it in a small bowl with veggies around or pulling it out with some toasted pita or pita chips works great. From Sally’s Baking Addiction


Truly, I didn’t realize just how hungry my kids were until I started doing this.  They can eat full on meals at 4pm and aren’t quite so grouchy and tired running on fumes after their games.

Oh, one more thing, one of my friends recently told me that her nutritionist said kids just really don’t drink enough water during the day at school because of their schedule.  She recommended getting kids to drink a full glass of water when they get out of school.  Now my friend, who has a long traffic commute after school, keeps a small cooler in her car with healthy snacks and water bottles.  She says they guzzle it now that she’s offered it.  


Hope this helps!

What are your tips for grab and go food for your kids during sports season?  Will you share your favorites in the “Leave a Reply” box below?  I’ll post them for others and we can help each other out!

This totally made me laugh because I think of Cher whenever our nights turn out to be some version of appetizer dinner!  Watch this clip!

Cher serving appetizer dinner in Mermaids




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