YEA!! Find your pom poms and drop some confetti!  Summer is here and I personally could do a hurkee I’m so excited.  In celebration of longer days and free flowing schedules, I think we should check out some summer sandals and gear.

A little Meghan Trainor to get you started ….Woman Up!

Speaking of pom poms and confetti….happy feet abound!  If you are ready to skip into summer, then these are for you. Click the right hand arrow so see more in the group.

IF you just graduated or are graduating someone from Preschool, 4th grade, 8th grade, High School or College….Time to do the happy dance so this next list is for you!

Oh come on, be brave!  You know you would feel 20 in those things.  Besides if you can balance the calendar that you just juggled this past year, then you can balance on some tree points.  It’s good for the core.

For those of you who really shined this year as PTA President, Booster Club Chairman, Spelling B Chairman or Chairman of anything…You get a GOLD STAR!

Pat yourself on the back for your hard work with one of these….beach towels.

FILE these in the one that says BACKYARD VACA…..Mommy’s busy!

Hope your summer is starting off fantastic and if you aren’t quite there, hang on, it’s right around the corner.   Be inspired to take some time to slow it all down.  Anybody have some good summer book suggestions to share?  That’s my next list I’m working on….If you have one, leave it in the reply box below.  Have a great day! Oh and don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, everybody needs a little summer attitude encouragement!



Palm Trees in the Maldives unsplash

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