Summer is coming and I could use some sunshine and lazier days.  I love venturing out on a Saturday to a good Farmer’s Market.  There’s something so sweet and community about walking around with families, dogs, kids, neighbors…just perusing handcrafted arts and homegrown vegetables, while sipping on a latte and tasting some fresh pastry.  I had been wanting to try a new one that popped up near me and found some time one Saturday before picking up kids at a Scout thing.  I loved it and was so happy to have this in my neighborhood.  These photos are all taken from that day.

This Bee company had just about anything you could make from honey or Bee pollen or wax…

Wild Flowers, so pretty…

This neighborhood market sprung up in a church parking lot 18 months ago and has really seen pretty great vendors and crowds.  I think Farmer’s Market’s help make a community more of a community….everybody get’s out and is relaxed.  These two kids were having a ball!

I loved meeting these girls who make nut and egg free muffins out of fruits and vegetables. I bought some Blondies from them made out of Chick peas and fruit and my kids had no idea……



Farmers 12

Kettle Corn…a farmer’s market delicacy!

The Farmer’s Market at the First Congregational Church Houston runs from 9 am – 1 pm on Saturdays.  Google one in your neighborhood and see if you could enjoy a coffee and a stroll with your family this weekend.

Happy Weekend Ya’ll!



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