Last summer I went to meet some friends in East Hampton for a few days.  We were out walking the streets and my friend, Sally, said, “Oh look, Peloton!  We have to go see these.  They are the new rage!”  We were standing in front of a showroom window looking at these very cool, compact looking spin bikes.  When we went inside, there were bikes everywhere and a Peloton Rep came to tell us about them.  He invited us to try them out.

You can see the size of the Peloton next to my treadmill

You can see the size of the Peloton next to my treadmill

We weren’t really dressed for spinning but Sally said, “Let’s try it! Why not?”  So, we made a time to come back dressed for a workout.  The sales rep clicked me into some Peloton spin shoes, set me up on my bike after adjusting it to my size and asked me what kind of music I liked.  There was a screen on the front of my bike the size of a small flatscreen tv.  It came alive with faces and information.

Pelaton screen

He planted headphones on me and pushed a few buttons and all of a sudden the whole store went away and I was in a live spin class in New York.

Pelaton girl trainer

Sally was set up and rolling too.  We could care less that there were other people trying out bikes or walking around shopping.  I was more concerned with what my teacher  was telling me to do, ….my output, my cadence and form.  It was so much fun and so hard at the same time.  Oh and she could talk to me and the other students live! See those names on the side up there?  Everybody gets a name or code name and then if you are in a live class, she can encourage you or talk to you.  It’s like FaceTime with a whole class.  She can’t see you though….just your name and numbers on your bike.

I went home to sleep on it and Sally and I talked about the pros and cons.

Well, first of all it was really compact and small so it didn’t need much space.  It’s design is super quiet so it wouldn’t wake up my kids if I was on it early in the morning.  It would allow for the flexibility of time all day but still the push of coaches.

Pelaton 1


I’m here to tell you, I signed on the bottom line the next day…ordered a pair of shoes for myself and one size 11 for two other members of my family.

Peloton shoes 2


A year later this thing has been so well used and so much fun.  I am able to work out at random times that work for me.  Since it’s upstairs in my attic room, I can walk up in my socks…. workout and then be down in my shower and cleaned up so much faster than if I drove to my gym.  It challenges me and keeps me motivated.

So a week after I bought it, two guys show up at my house, set it up for me pretty quickly and turn it on.  They show me how to adjust it….which is super easy and the screen attached has videos that show how to adjust it if I forget and need to change it for a different person.  I have never once in a year had to call them for any maintenance.

Pelaton seat and weights

Adjusting is super easy and there are small weights on the back that you reach for during the class when they add arm exercises

Rain, heat, snow, sleet….there’s really no excuse not to go upstairs and workout.  There are coaches and classes right in my house!  I just had to tell you guys that if you run into one of these showrooms (they are in cities all over) and are thinking about anything like this for your own workouts, I have loved it for a solid year and so has my family.  Peloton keeps us in good form despite the weather and I’m back downstairs blogging at my desk in no time!

Pelaton cody trainer


The Peloton costs $1,995 for the bike, $39 a month for the membership to the classes online and the shoes are $125.  My entire family can use the Peloton for $39 a month….that even beat my YMCA membership.  Though the bike itself is pricey, if you think you’ll use it, it’s a fantastic workout that never gets dull.

Go to to learn more about them.  Maybe you need a reason to have no more excuses or something for your family Christmas list!

Anybody else have a Peloton that wants to pipe in on it or another fitness tip for fast efficient workouts?  Share with us in the Reply box below! I definitely love to learn new ideas!





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