Happy New Year, Ivy and Sprig friends!

What have you been up to?  I had the cleaning bug for about two weeks right after the holidays so everything that didn’t move or wasn’t nailed down had to go….out to the trash, out to sell or give away.  I’m on round two with The 100 Day Home Organization Challenge .

If I haven’t told you, this woman has totally changed my life.  Her name is Lisa Woodruff and like, I mean she has really changed my life!  Just listen to her podcasts at and you will get it.  

Another woman that is changing my life and fitness is Danica Patrick!

If you are trying to get your fitness on in 2019, I can tell you this book is the real deal.


 I have a senior in college graduating….and I had one graduate from high school last year in May.  So exciting and  yet that means photos!  Lots of family photos.   

I kind of hate the graduation photos from my older son’s high school ceremony four years ago.  I look puffy and my hair is too short.  I’ve been trying to be diligent with my fitness commitments for all of the reasons I should, like longterm health but mostly I’m motivated not to look puffy in photos at graduation.  Let’s be real.

Danica Patrick Pretty Intense


One day I saw famous female race car driver, Danica Patrick on a talk show where she was talking about her new mind, body, nutrition book Pretty Intense.  Of course the cover scared me….and she scares me!


 Listening to her discuss her nutrition and body strengthening process made me want to google her book.  

She’s ….well…. PRETTY INTENSE.  

I guess you would have to be INTENSE to rise up in the Nascar arena as a woman all the way to win third place in the Indianapolis 500 and many other accolades in the racing world.  That would take athleticism and mental focus and confidence beyond the norm.

So at first ….the cover scared me…and then I was like …yep I’m getting this….I want to hear more about how she works out and eats to have a body even one tenth of that!  And what goes through a womans head to prepare for and race in a sport that it is made up of predominately men!  

Ok, this book is awesome.  For me, it’s awesome.  She tells you exactly what to do for 30 minutes each day for 90 days.  She literally gives you a recipe to follow to change your body’s strength and endurance.  

Danica Patrick's Week 3 Workout


Day one, Week one ….and a build up.  Honestly, you know how on this blog we’ve talked about eliminating decisions so you have more time for creativity in more important areas of life? Like in this post,  Eliminating Decisions.  This book does that for you in the area of fitness.

Danica Patrick's Spagetti and Meatballs

She discusses meditation, confidence building statements and the mind body connection which is interesting from her point of view.  

She has a good section on what to feed your body and beautiful photos of recipes.  She has one whole page called, “Why Gluten is making you fat.”  Her no nonsense straightforward frank discussion makes you want to get ship shape fast!

Danica Patrick's Pumpkin Pancakes

Danica’s Maca Pumpkin Pancakes look delicious!


OK so, I have cussed burpees and air squats, planks and sit ups, I’ve been sore but not that sore.  EVERY workout is only 30 minutes but increases in intensity.  

When I don’t know how to do a particular exercise ….I keep my laptop nearby to go to her website.  At PrettyIntense.com she has a video of her demonstrating EVERY single one of the exercises.  So I can see her form and understand how to do it.  

Equipment is limited to a mat, some hand weights in various amounts, a step bend or bench of some sort and a jump rope.  Easy to do at home if you have these things.  I’m literally using an old camp trunk as my step.  

I haven’t tried her recipes yet but they look pretty easy.  She gives you a lot of good information behind why she chooses certain foods for her body.

Danica Patrick's Apple Crumble

I have enjoyed reading the other sections that include discussing what she refers to as the mind river….basically your train of thought.  

Danica Patrick’s Chapter on Accepting Yourself

Focusing on the positive and assuming the best first.  

I hope you are hitting your stride in your 2019 goals and feeling motivated for a great year!






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