There’s a bad case of Senioritis going around and even I seem have the itch some days as we turn the corner toward summer.

My good friend Michelle in Delaware asked me to post some ideas for graduation gifts…thanks Michelle for asking! Since I had a high school senior last year, I got to experience first hand the wonderful variety and creativity of some of the gifts that people gave.

Some of these are more for high school graduation and some for college graduation or a very special relative.

So Michelle, here are my favs for graduation! I’ve posted the links to most of the sources at the bottom.

  1. Terrycloth Bathrobe by IKEA, Monogram by your local monogram shop – They are going to need a bathrobe!  Especially if the bathrooms are down the hall.

grad full robe

2. Monogrammed Pillowcases; these are by Royal Highnees which are decadent but any soft cotton would be great.  Honestly, you could get them at Bed Bath and Beyond and they would be great.  They don’t get lost in the laundry!

grad pillow case

3. Swell bottle or Yeti Cup Monogrammed


4. Catch all trays in plexi or leather (for boys), these pack flat and help keep track of keys, money, jewelry or whatever.  Source:  Me & Re


5. Boot Jack by Cowboy Memories with personalized tooling – these turned out so well for gifts last year that we are doing them again.  They pack flat and work great.  The tooling is really pretty on the leather.

grad boot jack and boot

Grad cowboy

6. Totes and bags by LL Bean and Jon Hart – the clear cosmetic bags got a great reaction from the girls last year.  

grad bags

7. Engraved Silver Mint Julep cup; isn’t the engraving on the front handsome?

grad silver cup

8. You can order online packages of car magnets from from some place like Fan Fanatic with their university logo…my son loved these.  

grad mag car

9. Games/leather card pack holders/leather dice holders with monogram

grad washer game

10. Needlepoint Key rings, wallets, belts in school or state emblems…..Or the Bee…we give that to girls with a note “Bee great in College!”

grad bee ring
grad belt
grad wallet
grad texas ring

11. Towels with Monogram; they definitely need these!

grad towels

13. Monogrammed boxers – these aren’t but the one’s my son got …his have a monogram on the bottom edge, Royal Highnies are indulgent and incredibly soft.

grad boxer

14.  Engraved silver frame for their Senior Photo; Ok this is my 16 year old as a baby but the frame is what I wanted to show you….however this does remind me of how precious he ONCE was before he got to the eye rolling stage, Awwwww, he’s sitting among the ivy.  Love that kid and truly he doesn’t roll his eyes at me…..much.

grad silver frame

15.  Stickers and clothing labels by Stuck On  ….really these aren’t so much a gift as a TIP.  They are awesome for kids moving to college and kids going to camp.  

grad stickers

16.  Nightshirts for girls with monogram by Royal Highnies

grad full nightshirt

17.  Here are the things I can’t show you because my son has them at college….monogrammed cooler – soft sided and hard, monogrammed throw blanket, belt holder, belt with initials, case for phone cord, luggage tags with initials, pocket knife, cuff links with monogram, Jesus Calling Devotional book, bottle opener with initials (hmmm for a coke? He loves it!) wallet, portfolio case, earbud case.


Jon Hart Graduation collection

Stuck On You

L. L. Bean

IKEA Bathrobe

Royal Highnies

Smathers and Branson Collegiate Series

Me And Re Design – Monogrammed Everything!

Marye Kelley – Also Monogrammed everything

Fan Gear – for University gear and games

King Ranch Saddle Shop

I encourage all of you to share your favorites in the reply box below because YOU probably have some ideas that I don’t and we can all benefit!  It’s like a giant group text with links and photos really….

Grab your hankie, it’s graduation season!  Congratulations to all you mommas!



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