Yea!  Ivy and Sprig is celebrating its FIRST birthday!  

I wasn’t really sure what to do or how to celebrate a baby blog’s birthday except to stop and think over the past year.  Think. Think.

 If you are a full year long subscriber then cheering and clapping!!  WOW, thank you so much for sticking with me as I learned/am learning how to do this thing called blogging.  

And if you joined us somewhere along the way, I am so grateful, and happy to have you!  Thank you so much for your support, comments, ideas and sharing Ivy and Sprig with your friends.  

I wish I could pass all of you a cupcake!

Think.  Think.  Clapping.  Super happy. So fun.

Here are the Top Five Most Shared Ivy and Sprig Posts on social media over the last year:

Love Muffins! A Day in The Kitchen With Laura Grinstead

Dear Busy Mom, A Letter to Those Wondering If They Are On The Right Track

Do The Hustle! What To Keep in The Fridge During Busy Sports Season

The Well Ordered Life Part 1 With Michele Clements

Graduation Gifts They’ll Love!

Notables Getting a significant amount of play in Social Media and still being shared a lot are:

Float Baby With Kristi Ison

It’s The Little Things Hand Soaps

The Most Fun to Write:

Music To Cook By Monday  because it was time consuming but really fun to learn how to embed the music into a blog.

Most Significant to me to write: 

That’s hard because there are lots but I’ll go with this one…

How and Why I Started Blogging which is sentimental to read now because Mary Tyler Moore passed away this year and I have a video of her in it because she was inspirational to me.  It’s also sentimental to read that my goals a year ago….have been happening and are still a reality.  

I still want to help, encourage and inspire those surviving the busiest years.  Thank you for your support.  

Every time you share Ivy and Sprig with a friend, or on your Facebook page or social media….Ivy and Sprig grows.  Which means more people are encouraged.   

Your ideas are what fuel me to write too.  Please feel free to email me at with any and all ideas that you have for the blog.   You inspire me and have ideas that I could share with readers too.  You can also leave comments in the submit a reply box at the bottom.

At the end of every post, I usually add some flowers because I think all of my readers should have flowers everyday.  

Here’s your Birthday Bouquet:

They are gorgeous and you are gorgeous!  Stay gorgeous…Gorgeous!

Let’s blow out the candles together!

Happy Birthday, Ivy and Sprig! Making a wish for another great year with you.

Have a great weekend.





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