This morning my dog was barking like crazy outside.  That usually means she’s found a frog but when I went to look….she was barking at the sparkly heart decoration that had blown off of my back door on to the ground as a cool front hit.  

The winter wind was tunneling through the trees and the red sheer ribbon was blowing that was attached to it.  She was intent on protecting us from this “live” blowing ribbon.  I picked it up and soothed her and started thinking about Valentine’s Day coming and barking dogs.  Barking dogs led me to feet, which led me to shoes, which led me to think, “huh, what am I going to wear for dinner out on Valentine’s day?”…..I dropped the heart decoration on the mudroom counter and followed this train of thought to my closet for a few minutes.

During the day, I walk around so fast that my shoes are usually nikes or ballet flats.  But for a dinner out with my husband I wanted something feminine and sexy.  

So, I decided to check out some pretty steppers online.   

Yikes, that Jimmy Choo is proud of his shoes so hit the heart to watch for sales.

I think cold weather also gets to me into a comfy rut.  I’m all cozy sweats and comfy t shirts.  But hiding in the comfy stuff can start to feel blah. 

Mark and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day when we were 20 years old. He brought me a single red rose. Super sweet.

Lot’s of Valentine’s days involved getting cards ready with the kids to take to school. Chocolate kisses taped on top. Some were homemade and some were Target special…..Power Rangers or Sponge Bob.

Whether you are stepping out for dinner or staying home by the fire with cozy socks on, I hope you are spending your Valentine’s Day with ALL of the ones you love. Share the love, spread the love, give the love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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