My son came rushing down for breakfast this morning with his hair askew from the shower and practically half dressed with pieces still to put on in his hands.  I could tell we were going to have one of those mornings as he stood next to his breakfast spot at the table scarfing large chokable bites of the food I’d put together for him.  As I assured him that it would be ok and to just slow down a minute, I stepped three steps away to my morning secret weapon.

The Hygiene Drawer

Hygiene Drawer

Hygiene Drawer for fast morning fixes by the back door

A few years ago, during a spell of terribly rushed and tearful, argumentative school mornings, I got proactive and decided to disect the dramas in hopes of coming up with some strategies to prevent everything falling apart before the day had started.  I’m sure I had driven away from school one too many times with a stomach ache over morning battles.

Alas, among the new strategies came The Hygiene Drawer and The Homework Drawer

I cleared out two drawers in my kitchen and repurposed them to hold things we were always running back to the bedrooms for… our Hygiene drawer holds five extra toothbrushes (we run them through the dishwasher to clean them), toothpaste, deodarent (pre-teens are notorious for leaving out this step in their routines, and I always add it in to keep our teachers happy!), chapstick, hair brush, comb, sunscreen, mouthwash, neosporin, bandaids etc.  I should probably hang a belt hook in one of our mudroom cubbies too as we seem to forget belts a lot.  I think I’ll do this now that I’m telling you about it.  I’m sure if I had girls there would be some hair ties and headbands.


In the Homework drawer, we have pens, pencils, index cards, sharpies, scotch tape, scissors, rulers, and all sorts of office supplies for last minute homework edits or kitchen homework needs in the afternoon.


Homework draweer

The Homework Drawer in the Kitchen

This may seem silly to some of you but it has saved us some running around in circles in the morning on more than a few occasions.

What are you running in circles for when you are trying to get out the door?  Could you set up a drawer to make life a little easier?  So what if a kitchen drawer near your back door holds sunglasses, tylenol, lip gloss, stamps for bills or whatever you seem to walk back and forth for instead of spoons.  Try it! Hope you find a little less crazy in your life today!



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