I was doing some gardening yesterday and came in to wash my hands and realized that the smell reminded me of some fruit I’d cut that morning.  I’m not a girl who likes muck on the hands for very long so since my day can include a sweaty workout, a pet mess clean up, getting my hands messy in the kitchen and more, I tend to be alway at a sink washing up.  Smells can be so subtle and It is really psychological I’m sure but I just have a thing for hand soap that looks pretty and smells great.

Caldrea Basil Blue Sage is by one of my sinks and smells herbelicious.


Really I think I bought this one for the fall colors but it’s pretty and foamy by my kitchen sink.

Even Softsoap brand has some that smell like you’re on vacation.

Meyer’s Clean Day has so many varieties that you really have to just smell them all in the store as best you can or buy and try them to find your favorites.  I’m a lemon verbena fan.  I tend to prefer pump hand soap to bars but occasionally I still like bar soap, especially after digging in the dirt.  These are nice.

For me, the little luxury of nice smelling or smooth and foamy hand soap makes the simple everyday act of hand washing just a little bit better.  If you have one to recommend, share it in the comment box below.




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