Hi Ivy and Sprig friends!  If it’s your first time finding this blog, welcome!  I’m so happy to meet you and get to know you.  This is the place to find encouragement and solutions for those of us in the demanding years of parenthood, working, volunteering and following our passions.  I’m really looking forward to starting 2017 with you!

Here’s what’s been on my mind that might also be on yours:

Taking down Christmas decorations and tossing out dead poinsettias.  I won’t even show you a photo of that!  Ick!  Here they are before….

A super strong urge to purge!  I think that comes with all of the extra things around my house during Christmas season and the added new Christmas presents.   The season is fun and full of gatherings ….and some nice lazy days but now our closets, drawers and spaces just seem out of whack.  Time to toss and give away a few things for me.

Buying some new Nikes!  I need those for the boot camp I told you about in my last post and for my upcoming trip to Lake Austin Spa Resort here in Texas!  I leave this Friday with some girl friends and look forward to the chance to hike, workout and reset my body after at least a month of indulgences.  I’ll try to bring you some good info from Lake Austin Spa.  

Taking our holiday party clothes to the dry cleaner.  Ya, it’s on my errand list.  I don’t want those things to sit with any stains or just plain forget to get them cleaned before putting them away.  

Speaking of errands, I’ve been listening to a few new podcasts.  Like this one: Organize 365.  Several times on different podcasts related to work or organization and productivity, I’ve heard them recommend batch work or grouping tasks together.  

I do this with my blog because it saves me time.  Like take all the photos for a few posts on one day ….or do all of the planning and brainstorming on one day.  This works because, by the time I get the camera out and the gear out that I’m using in my photos then I might as well keep going and take several groups.  Or if I’m doing focused thinking work at my desk then I can do more if I do it all at the same time.   I’m sure you do this too but I plan to do more of this in 2017.  

Paper products by Sugar Paper.

Do you pay all of your bills one day or do all of your errands on one day?  Errands can be knocked out in chunks, appointments made on the same day each week, etc.  I have one friend who blocks out Wednesdays for all appointments ….haircuts, doctor, dentist….they are all planned to be on Wednesday unless something can’t be made that way.  This keeps her from interrupted time on other days.  Where could you add time to your week by batching? I notice that Blue Apron gets me to do this when I’m cooking…..wash and chop everything first and then start the cooking process.  

Taking care of the little annoyances around my house.  One podcast I listen to solved a frustrating problem of always searching for the house key in the middle of a full ring of keys by making TWO house keys and putting one on each end of the group of keys so that at either end she grabbed….there was the house key!  Brilliant.  Isn’t it the little things that get in the way? The day could be easier without searching for a key every time I go in the door!

Here’s my key ring with the house key right smack in the middle….fixing that today!  LOVE my Big O key ring….go to O-Venture.com to find one.  Saves me everyday!

Reflecting on our Christmas season.  I told you about my Christmas binder.  Well, now it’s time for me to go back and just take a quick look at what went right and what really didn’t work for us.  It’s different every year but if I make a few notes then next year I won’t forget and keep making the same mistakes. Ha!  I just make new ones!  But actually it really does help me keep track of things from year to year.

Other than that, and things like renewing my passport and car registration and calling Orkin about the continuing moth problem in an upstairs closet and my pantry…..

I’m thinking about you!  I’m thinking about what you would like to read about in Ivy and Sprig!  I’ll take all ideas and questions, things you struggle with or want to know more about.  You can leave those in the Reply Box below.

I’m super excited to say that I have some more mom/entrepreneurs to introduce you to also!  Their stories are inspiring and I know you will enjoy getting to know them and their story!

So here’s to a wonderful, fun, exciting, challenging, energized, healthy, faithful and inspiring 2017 for ALL my Ivy and Spriggers!



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