Not because my last name is Hamilton but because I LOVE Broadway, I’m really looking forward to the Tony awards on Sunday night! I got to see Hamilton last December with my son and even though we were in the top balcony nose bleed section, we could hear every fabulous rhyming, rapping word of it!  It was so fantastic.  This totally cracked me up so I’m sharing it in case you haven’t seen it.  Listen to the lyrics and let me know if you can figure out why the first song has something to do with the picture above.  If you figure it out, leave it in the reply box below.  Enjoy the laugh!

I’m actually in Grand Cayman celebrating my sister’s birthday and catching some beach time and Vitamin D!

Marie at the beach in Grand Cayman
Seriously, everyone should go to Cayman with their sister.  It’s super fun.  We are having a great time and Sunday night we plan to watch the Tony awards while playing Mexican train dominoes.  #bestbeachgameever.

There is so much to share with you about this place but that will be for blog posts to come.  Until then I have to tell you that after many years of trying to figure out how to beat beach hair frizz, I finally found something that works!  My sister and I get to a tropical place and usually have a head full of hair that looks like we stuck our finger in a light socket. On this trip we tried this beach spray from Frederick Fekkai to tame frizz.  And it worked!!

Frederick Fekkai Beach Hair

If you are someone who has a mop full of frizzy hair every time you hit a beach, you should try this.  You just turn your head upside down and spray it throughout your hair and then scrunch.  It doesn’t come out crunchy and stiff but creates soft curls without the frizz.  Both of us really liked it.

Marie's beach curls


It actually turns your hair from frizz into waves that are soft and look curly.


It actually may be hard for you to see just how connected these curls turned out instead of frizzy…that’s because it was windy and this was our try with it on the beach.

My hair with beach waves

On another night, we worked it in our hair before dinner and it turned out great.My hair is usually a giant tangle ball of fuzz on the beach and this made it lay down and relax.


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Got a great tip for beach hair or other beach dilemmas?  Leave it in the comment box below! Enjoy the Tony Awards!



Starfish in the sand




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