In my last post, I introduced you to Home Organizer, Michele Clements.  In this post, we talk about closets, pantrys, and the garage.  Really, Michele gave me tour to see just how she keeps their home organized.  I have to say, inviting someone in to open the closets and drawers at my house would give me a panic attack!  But, here’s how easy it is to find things in a Well Ordered Life home.

Hey, Michele, thank you for letting us tour your home.  Tell me a little about what you are going to show us.

Well, we recently downsized significantly so that is a huge challenge.  I could tell your readers a LOT about that or if anyone is planning to downsize, call me as I can help them do that.  Space had to be REALLY organized and we had to decide what we really wanted to keep.  We have figured out ways to store things in unexpected ways.

For example our Family Room next to our kitchen has a credenza….

th doubles as a bar….


And in our bedroom which is upstairs we created a coffee bar…with storage.

Coffee bar

I actually see a wine fridge down below also.  I can’t really show our readers but this is right in the bedroom.  Perfect!  Coffee or wine in one of those chairs by this view looks pretty awesome.

Michele's bedroom is calm and the view is like being in a tree house.

Michele’s bedroom is calm and the view is like being in a tree house.

Michele, has it been hard to juggle a family and a business?  

I really love what I do because I love helping people in this way and yet it’s completely flexible.  I can schedule around school volunteering and other commitments so it really works out well for me.  My son is driving too so I’m not as tied to the school schedule as I used to be.

You told us a little about your morning routine in the last post but do you have anything you like to read in the morning or evening? 

I usually read The Daily Skimm in the mornings because it let’s me see the condensed version of the news with a little humor.  Right now I”m also reading the book Being Mortal .

Even her bathroom counters are clutter free and pretty.  Products are all in drawers and cabinets.  She isn’t overrun with them so she obviously keeps those cleaned out.  Guess I need to go through all my half opened jars of face cream etc.


Storage closets are sometimes people’s nightmare but it’s really about deciding where you want to keep everything and then setting up the spot for it.  For instance, if you have four hammers in the house, why not gather them all up and put them in one place for hammers?  Unless you need the item in multiple places, this makes it simple for everyone in your family to go find something and put it back in the same place. Here is our storage closet.  Clear Containers and easy to read labels with large font make finding things easy.


I use clear containers in my pantry for lots of things so that they stay airtight, fresh and they are everyone can quickly see inside.

I label baskets with snacks so they are visible and neat.

The Well Ordered Home Pantry
Michele, I love the baskets in your pantry.  They are easy to see through and yet keep everything from falling off of the shelves.  

In my kitchen, I keep a few sauces, oils and things on the counter but all of the spoons, knives and other cooking utensils are in the drawers below in dividers.

Do you like to cook?  

Yes!  I love to cook and tend to cook really clean and healthy.  I cook out of this cookbook all the time, Silver Platter Cookbook

Silver Platter Cookbook

A clean kitchen counter…using a circular tray.



If we can think of multiple areas of our home that need organizing, tell us how you help a client figure out where to start.

I usually ask them, “What bothers you the most?” It can be really overwhelming to think about it all at once.  But if it’s their closet, we start there.


Michele’s shoes and boots

As you can see, I like to label everything so that I’m not guessing when I pull out a box.  I keep a basket in my closet and if I try something on that just isn’t doing it for me anymore….it just doesn’t ever fit right or seem to be working on me, then I toss it in the basket.  When the basket is full, I take it to Goodwill. Brilliant, cleaning out your closet as you go.  Closet cleanup is intimidating but that would make it a lot easier.  Your closet is really pretty and inviting.


Now that we have moved to a townhouse, our garage is pretty small but we are outdoor fanatics so we have a lot of gear.  We ride bikes about once a week and play a lot of golf.


Hanging bikes, tools and ….below, adjustable shelving, hooks and labelled boxes in the garage….



Her space is tight but since it’s organized it’s easy to find everything!  And she has a clear floor to move around.  She uses a lot of wall hooks, shelving and clear boxes.

Thank you Michele, I am totally inspired!  There will be a new basket in my closet for the regular weed out and a label maker at the ready.

If you want to contact Michele Clements at Well Ordered Life call her at 832/228-8688 or email her at

Michele and I would love to get your feedback!  Leave a comment in the Submit a Comment Box at the bottom of this page.






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