Hey everybody!  Happy Tuesday.  

We are getting into the school routine again after being out for Spring Break at my house.  It’s so nice to throw out the routine for a week and indulge in longer lazy days.  You know what else I indulged in?….great food, wine and snacks like there was no definition between hours in the day!  Girl scout cookies, chips,  bacon, pasta, hamburgers, pizza and ice cream!  And cocktails that looked like ice cream!

I’m pretty sure this Pina Colada on the left was the equivalent of 9 scoops of ice cream…but delicious!

My tummy feels a little out of whack and my body is a little fuller.  

Beer and tacos at Eighth Row Flint Houston

Ugh.  Time to get back on track.  That’s easier said than done for me.   

My sister told me that her trainer put her on a TOKEN program recently.  They determined her workouts (calories burned) and her goals and then he gave her tokens to use during the week for “cheats” like sweets, high carb foods and alcohol.  

Once the tokens were out, no more for the week.  She can also earn more tokens if she adds in more workouts.  I guess that’s a little like Weight Watchers points but tangible in your hand poker chips.  

Maybe one color for sweets, one for wine/alcohol and one for junk type food?


I don’t think I’d have to have a trainer to do this but you’d have to be true to your own goal.  Just set aside the number of indulgences that you can have and still meet your goal for the week.  

Like say four for alcohol/wine for the week.  

My sister says this cut down dramatically on her night time weaknesses and she saved them for say …..a fun dinner with friends on the weekend.  

I like that idea….it’s not total deprivation and guilt.  It’s kind of more lifestyle management.  Save and use them for when you want to.  I think I’ll try this and let you know how it goes.  

I might need one color just for Girl Scout cookies!

Any other ideas on how to get back on track when your diet has taken a hard turn?  Let us know in the comment box below!



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