The cat came home! YEA!!

Ivy and Sprig readers, I am not lying ….like I think you were all asking God for that kitty to come home in unison and she did.  

It was irony. It was symbolism.  It was like reality wrote the fictional story.

Last night my husband came in the door and said…”I think I just saw that cat ya’ll were looking for.  Is it kind of orange?”  Of course I leaped up “YES, where??? Pray you?? WHERE?”  ” Oh in the front bushes,” he responded casually.   

I jumped up yelling at him to get me my phone while I ran to get a small can of that smelly cat food and a spoon and the carrier that was hers by our back door.  

I sat out on the front drive way in the dark on the ground for 30 minutes calling the cat with the food out and the carrier. No sound.  I begged the college kids unloading out of an Uber to please keep it down as they headed to my front door since now she was probably scared again.  They said “oh sure mom” and slammed the door after I heard my son tell his friends his mom was just trying to catch some cat.

Then when it was finally EXTREMELY STILL…..she popped out of the bushes and sat there like an emerging ghost.  I held my breath.  I held my hand outstretched and laid on the ground and she walked under the car….and then to me for a pet.  I pet her and comforted her and  then gently but firmly scruff grabbed her and put her in the carrier so fast!  I slid the spoon full of food in there with her and she was happy.  I sent texts with lots of emojis to the owners and pet sitter and then ….they picked her up.  Joyously, triumphantly and we connected and said good bye.

Just like that, Kitz was gone.  I would have sent you a photo but I was too scared to open the carrier to take one.  


I guess we all need a little EXTREME STILLNESS to come back out ……sometimes.  Welcome home Kitz!



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