Happy Valentine’s week!  It is the season of LOVE, HUGS, HEARTS, KISSES, AND SWEETHEARTS!  We have a tradition at our house of decorating breakfast plates with cards, confetti, balloons, and candy….to start the day off with some Valentine love.

So,…. it’s time to get the LOVE ON!  In case you haven’t gotten your people a card or treat to tell them you love them, here are some ideas for you.  Most come direct through Amazon so you can click them and go straight to Amazon to have them at your doorstep quickly. 

2018 Ivy and Sprig Valentine Gift Guide

For Your Fitness Lover

Looks Tiny?  It is! .. an 8 oz. Bkr Mini water bottle ….I’m so in love with mine.  The size, top handle and neoprene cover over the glass makes it so easy to take anywhere. It comes in larger sizes but I really like my mini right now for my car cup holder.  Isn’t it cute?

For Your Music Lover

Awww. That’s just sweet.


For Your Game Lover

Controller made of chocolate?!


For Your Four Legged Sweetheart

Pooch with heart.

 For Your Garden Lover

Maybe some flowers to go with them would be nice?

For Your Cigar Lover

My husband adores his table top cigar lighter.  It’s high tech and the flame out of the top is just plain cool.


For Your TECH Lover


Iphone 8 cover in Rose Gold…..but first you have to get the iPhone 8!

For Your Baking Lover


Nonstick heart shaped cake pan…..definately a fun thing to have!


For Your Book Lover

I gave this to my dad over Christmas and he loves John Le Carre.  Really fun spy stories for winter fireside.  

For Your Craft Lover


So cute! Love these little hearts for creating all kinds of fun cards or art.



For Your Chocolate Lover

Hand dipped chocolate covered Oreos……YUM!!!!


There are so many delicious artisan chocolate companies!  This part of my work is just mouth watering.  Here are two other links that looked stunning and very artistic.

Maribelle.com and Miami Beach Chocolates

For Your Bath Lover

In my previous post, What you need is a nice hot bath….How to Upgrade your Tub Time I listed a few of my favorites in case you want to look back at those ideas too.  I have to say that I think regular hot baths help my sleep, prevent colds and flu, relax me and ease the pain of sore muscles from harder workout days.  I call it “Washing away the day….”  This Coconut & Hibiscus Dead Sea Salt for the bath looks like a great soak to me!



For Your Pizza Lover

Order a heart shaped pizza for the college dorm or the kiddos staying home while you go out on a date with your sweetheart!  In Houston, the BEST heart shaped pizza comes from Palazzo’s Cafe but finding a place in your town shouldn’t be too hard.  Might want to book yours in advance.  Your Pizza Lovers will be happy!

For Your Car Lover

This high tech jumper cable doesn’t need another car to help you get rolling again…..It’s a powerful portable car jumper with batter booster and a smart charging port.  Looking like a must for the cars in my driveway!  

For Your BFF 

Pretty beauty rest accessory, right?  Sleep like a rock without any interrupting light, this one is from Pottery Barn.  For a list of LOTS of sleep accessories, see my post called What You Need is a Good Night’s Sleep….Dreamy Bed Things.

For Your ROSE Lover

Someone told me recently that they were at a party and admiring the gorgeous roses and the hostess confessed that she gets all of her roses off of Amazon!  AMAZON?!  Well of course she does!  I’m trying this TODAY!  They are supposed to be awesome!


For Your TRUE LOVE Lover

Kama Sutra Valentines with sweet strawberry massage oil!  Won’t he be surprised when there isn’t chocolate in the box?  XOXOXO


LOVE BALLOONS because you are loved and you make my heart sing.  

If you want more ideas, see my previous Valentine’s guide post Ivy and Sprig Valentine’s Day Guide 2017

May your whole week be filled with LOVE, HEARTS, and HUGS!



Happy Valentine’s Day!














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