Hi Ivy and Sprig Friends!

I’ve missed you and look forward to connecting with you again this year!  How are you? I hope well.

I took a break for a while.

I have been a blogger at REST.  

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you when you set some goals but I started out with a plan for my blogging….and I was cruising along but hit a hard obstacle and just didn’t have a plan to adjust to the obstacle.  Once I lost momentum, I decided  to break and rethink it altogether.  

In a year and a half of blogging almost twice a week, I learned that at this stage in my life, I need to be prepared to be flexible with my expectations and to plan for roadblocks.  Blogging is a multi-faceted thing that takes time and energy, but so does my family so there has to be some give and take.

What about your goals?  Now that the Christmas decorations are down and put away and I’ve finally heard all there is to hear about goals on the TODAY show and other talk shows and podcasts….I figured it was time to think about mine own.

I just couldn’t get my own goals going after dropping out of the blogging race for a while.  I felt mixed.  I felt sad at not completing 2017 with my blogs.  I really didn’t feel motivated about anything because I felt defeated.  I’m telling you….it put me in a funk.  How could something I love that much cause me to throw in the towel and sink into a funk.

Funk at my house looks like this.  Grouchy with my kids, negative talk about everything, blaming my husband and the dog and everybody else.  It looks like victim and it looks like a real pity party. It’s not pretty.

It didn’t actually start out that way… the blogging hiatus….it started as a rethink over the summer, June, July….  Just as I got geared up to start again with the school year in August, Hurricane Harvey hit.  

Harvey took weeks and months to get over even though my own house didn’t flood.  We cooked loads of hot meals in assembly line fashion, made 75 sack lunches a day for days to drive to neighbors and streets during clean up and rescued precious family photos.  What day is it now?  Nobody even knew.  Nothing mattered but cleaning up and helping.  

Where were we now…Oh yes, somewhere in October, double the meetings and work of life that was missed in August and September.  Blogging didn’t fit and I still couldn’t sort it out.  The Houston Astros won!

Aerial view of Hurricane Harvey flooding

College applications for my senior got done! Phew!  Life’s pace went back to a rhythm.

Fast forward to now.  2018.  And I miss it.  So, now what.  First I had to make peace with what didn’t work and think it all over.  I couldn’t seem to move forward with ANY goals….fitness….anything until I looked over last year.  I was scared to peek at it because I was afraid of feeling like a failure.  So I started by asking this question….What am I proud of about 2017?

I sat there with a spiral notebook and wrote out all of the things that I was proud of about 2017 and one thing, led to another thing, led to another.  

My son had finished his Eagle Scout award and I had helped him get there.

 I had rescued three families dearest photos after the flood.  I had helped encouraged readers through Ivy and Sprig through April of 2017.  I had continued hosting the boys Bible Study now in its 6th year.  

I had gotten a mammogram, colonoscopy and glasses when my eyes weren’t working well.  I was taking care of myself, my family and my pets well! I had planned a really awesome Christmas and decorated, bought the gifts, wrapped and set it up so that family could connect and enjoy a festive season.  

What a feat!  

Some were little and some were big but I was proud of so many things that had gone right and I rarely really stop to celebrate those things that I should be proud of.  Now, I was set up to look at where anything had left me disappointed or not worked out the way I wanted.  I had perspective.

I found it way, WAY easier to dig in to the adjustments and then set new goals after doing this exercise.  If you are feeling a little frustrated, lost, overwhelmed or troubled about your goals for 2018, try it.  


Here’s what’s on the Menu for 2018 for me:

1. I’ve got new running shoes!  I’m potentially going to be running a half marathon in June.  I’m researching them now with a friend and currently like the Thelma and Louise Half Marathon run in the Moab Desert on June 2.  Following Mile Posts Blog and her #IRUNTHISBODY.  I’ll let you know more on that soon, in case you want to join me!  I’m also taking Pilates now and love it.

2. Ivy and Sprig will continue!….the timing will look entirely different as I prepare for roadblocks and learn to be flexible. SURPRISE!  I have so much to learn that I will be trying some new things, you may hear from me a bunch or very little.  I am going to be playing with my own schedule and timing….just to keep it interesting for you and flat out going for me! 

3. I’m giving up alcohol in January and dairy and gluten.  I’m about to do a food sensitivity test through Everylywell.com.

4. My second son is leaving! For college!….cheers and tears!  I will be planning to send him off well (#teachtocook, #dormorganization,#grownandflown) and support him this spring as he graduates.

5. Date nights!  My husband and I need some date nights to reconnect without the noise of stress, kids, work and the muck of life.  We are prioritizing date nights twice a month.  And planning a trip for just the two of us!  Any ideas?  Leave them in the comments!

6. Momming….yes it’s a verb, I’m coining it right now.  #IMOMWELL I will have active momming going on while I guide another boy to his Eagle Scout award and to become a new driver!  Yikes! That involves pretending to be relaxed and look at the scenery while he drives me around in Houston traffic.  Pray for my nerves!

7. Prayer!  Prayer works and connecting with God always benefits my mind, body and soul.  I end up choosing to line up with HIS priorities and that is a relaxing and peaceful way to live.  I’m kinder, gentler and generally NOT in a funk when I trust Him and pour out my heart to Him daily.  He keeps me focused and strong against the temptation to give up.  His dreams for me are even bigger than my own so I will be making daily time to meet Him in prayer.  So much to thank Him for.

There will be more but enough of this very long post after a long break.  I hope you are all set and planning to Win in 2018! 

“I press on…Philippians 3:12-16




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