What are you going to wear to the game this weekend?

I’ve been moving things around in my closet….picking up bunches of hangers and moving them to the back and taking things from the back to the front for the Fall season.  Flip flops are getting put up high and my boots coming down to the ground.

Transition time.

Whether it’s hockey or football or field hockey, it’s Fall bleacher time.  College Football parent weekends and reunions with old friends give cause for a think about what to wear…


After going to one great game in Austin….the UT vs Notre Dame game and visiting friends in Delaware this past weekend, I can tell you that it’s not easy to figure out what to wear on during this cusp time of year!

Things to consider: What are the team colors?  What’s the weather supposed to be like?  How much walking will you be doing?  Is it a long trek from the tailgates to the stadium?  Will you be outside for hours?  Do you need layers?

Blogging is a great excuse to do some online fashion research!  Here are a few favorites that I found to up our wardrobe game!

I hope you have a winning week and your kick off to Fall is fantastic!




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