I thought she looked cute.  This is not some stock photo off of the internet.  This is actually a lady I saw walking her perfectly matching dog outside of The Meurice Hotel in Paris….I mean Le Meurice Hotel!  My, it must take some work to get all dolled/dogged up like that for a walk!  Sam and I take a much more casual approach.

What to Wear to Walk the Dog | Ivy & Sprig

Sam is my French bulldog.  But her real name is Samantha because I refused to have any more testosterone in the house after birthing three boys so all my pets are females.  She has two winter outfits and two summer outfits.

Sam sports a sweater
I know, I know, she looks like a boy because she’s a bully but she’s a girl so…lets not get into a gender conversation but lets just say she likes her red cable sweater and her gray cable sweater.  However, we don’t try too hard to match.  That would just be weird.

bear walking dog
I’m just sayin’.  Anyway, Here’s the most important part of both of her summer outfits.  It allows her to go incognito.


Here’s what celeb’s wear to walk their dogs…Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.  I think these dogs might not look so haggard if they had a red cable knit sweater on but then again maybe they were going for the “I could eat you for lunch look”.  Did she really go to Tufts? Huh? You learn something new every day if you read your “People Mag” which I don’t , which is why I never know that kind of stuff. 

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Walking their Dogs

This just looks dangerous so hopefully none of you are doing this…

walking dogs on bicycle

And this person is hopefully getting paid a lot of money and not just some weird dog hoarder.

Too many dogs

I’m thinking we should just try to look cool and chic.

Cartoon lady walking dogs

But usually I look like this….I’ve even read EVERY Cesar Milan book and I’m still overtaken….squirrels are just more than Sam’s good behavior can handle. 

dog pulling woman

So I definitely need some Nike’s to walk the dog and a Keep em moving outfit like this one below. I think this is my perfect dog walking, chic, matching but not too matching outfit.  Though most of the time I’m dressed a little more like Jessica Biel above.

Enjoy your pooch!

Best, Ivy



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