After a long day out running around and doing my thing in the world, I like my crash pad to be ….soft and comfy, even luxurious.  I also like to prop up in bed because at this stage in life, I fully appreciate the chance to cuddle up and just be cozy while working, reading or watching tv.

I put together a few things that are part of my own nightly bedtime ritual and some that are on my wishlist.  Join me to really think through how your own sleep is going these days and if there is anything you might want to change or tweak to get a well-deserved good night’s sleep.

This bedroom looks so quiet and restful.  I love the colors and the headboard looks soft to lean back on…I don’t see any signs of children in this photo….not even a dog toy.  Hmmm.  Oh and stop operating heavy machinery if you are….ok let’s keep going.

Pretty Bed

I always have to do a few things to get ready for bed.  This is a Hairtowel and turban from Aha Life called the Aquis Hair Ritual set.  Perfect for a face or after shower hair towel.




There are lots of pretty things to sleep in from Bedhead, Cosabella, and P-Jamas out there to upgrade your night clothes if you need to.  I found short sets and lots of fun drawstring pants at Nordstroms, Macy’s and Neimans online.  But here’s my pick…nothing like a luxurious lounge set! These silky pajamas from Journelle will make you feel like a movie star!  That’s why they are called the Garbo PJ Set…splurgey wish list!

Garbo Silk PJ Set

These are inspired by Tuxedos and the grosgrain ribbon looks smart against the blush silk satin.  Don’t you think?

Or maybe something soft and light from P. Jamas…at Amazon.  All of their cotton robes and nightgowns are really soft and easy to sleep in. They are cotton but feel other worldly.

P-Jamas Nightgown Carlotta2 has a nice page called Bedding 101 to help people sort out pillows, sheets, and all things bedding in case you want to brush up on your bedding info.

I think good pillows are KEY and I like these from 7th Heaven, at Everett Stunz.


On sheets, you gotta start out with good sheets.  You’re going to be in them every night right?  There are lots and lots but pick something you love that looks pretty too.  I like these by Sferra….Grande Hotel.

Sferra Sheets



But, since we don’t want any face wrinkles from sleeping face down, consider a satin pillowcase…My friend talked all about hers so I ordered one of these in Champagne…let me tell you this pillow case is awesome!  It stays cool all night and feels amazing.

Silk Satin Pillowcases

These are from Kumi Kookoon which you can find at Amazon.  They have literally every single color!

How about adding a good throw..


These are nice from Boll and Branch …if you like all natural everything, then you will like this website.  This is where to go for some serious clean living linens and bedding.

This one is nice from Neiman Marcus….I like the monogram.


But when it comes to propping up in bed, these Back Rest Pillows look like just what I need when I want to check out Pinterest while sitting up and watching a good movie.  Monogrammed “Boyfriend” Backrest from Neiman Marcus .

There are so many good Neck and Shoulder Wraps to help you relax….I liked this one because it’s an Herbal Flaxseed Filled natural one and when reading the reviews on Amazon, it looks pretty good.  Plus, I like the color and style.  I”m not crazy about the ones that look like an airplane sleep pillow in bright colors of fleece….but that’s just me.  Heat this puppy up in the microwave and let some tension melt away.


I get thirsty before I go to bed, during the night so I keep a Carafe just like this one in my bathroom on the counter and then fill the glass to put by my bed.  



If you live someplace cold or are prone to chills because of a husband who likes the room chilly or hormones, maybe this beanie would be nice to lounge in while you work in bed. Find this at Boll and Branch too.


Speaking of getting chilly at night, there is nothing like turning down your covers to find a hot water bottle down by your feet!  This one is really nice….from Amara

Cashmere Hot Water Bottle

What about  pillow inserts from Elizabeth W. …. Lavender so you can dream of being in the South of France and not going to sleep smelling of “wet dog on the bed”.

Elizabeth W. Lavender Pillow Insert

Or some pillow spray….Rosemary or Cucumber?  Can you say my bedroom is a spa??!  Cucumber Pillow Spray



Ok, if my mind is really racing over big things on my plate the next day, I have to stop the cycle of thought….interupt it and one way is to read funny books or poetry.  I love these collections by Everyman Press.


Garden Poetry

Bird poems?  Really?  You are a nerd, Ivy!  Yes, I know!  I am a total Bird Nerd and love poetry about them and yes it helps me sleep!

This book by C. H. Spurgeon has the most lovely prayers for each morning and evening.

You can’t help but feel relaxed and peaceful, humble and grateful after you read them.  What a wonderful way to go to sleep….thankful for all the many blessings that you have and feeling loved by God.




I really like soothing chamomile tea or sleepy time tea.  “Hey Girl”….I’m going to try this one!  Go to to find all of their teas.


Kumi Kookoon Satin Eye Mask….take your mascara off!


The least expensive best sleep luxury of them all ….a swipe of Vicks on the lips and you will sleep like a baby.


Sweet dreams!






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