I just love to slide into a really hot bath after a long day, especially on cold winter days when the damp and cold feel like they reach to the bones.  It’s like washing off the day.  A hot bath seems to just get my whole body relaxed and ready to sleep.  Here are a few ways to get more out of your tub time.


These pretty salts and soap in Blood Orange Amber came from Anthropology.  They smell great and the salts help relax tired muscles.  I always like soaps that are inviting.  I guess I’m a sucker for packaging too because they make my bathroom look terrific.

Tub Tea is also a great way to get some healing herbs into your bath.  How about a little Wellness Blend during winter?  This should clear the lungs!


I am a huge fan of bubbles because they are soft and hypnotic and make me feel like a little kid.  This is my newest bath crush.  Laura Mercier creme brûlée honey bath creates a beautiful tub full of soft bubbles and I like the honey dispenser for drizzling.  The body souffle is perfect for making sure skin doesn’t end up itchy after your bath.


Nothing is more fun though than going into LUSH and picking out some bath bombs, handmade creams, masks or other skin related beauty products.  My husband and three boys went into the Lush in Denver over Christmas and surprised all the ladies in our family with this giant colorful box full of bath bombs.  I would have paid so much money to have seen them in  Lush picking all of these out!!  This is one of mine …a little fruity but in a nice way.


I think it looks like a cookie!

But maybe you are a DIY girl….

I like to keep my own homemade bath salts in a huge antique porcelain bowl with a giant pestle.


Just get regular Epsom salts at the pharmacy and then add herbs from your kitchen garden (or get them at the grocery store).  Here I just cut up some fresh mint, rosemary and French lavender.  The oils permeate the salts and they smell beautiful in my bathroom.  They are waiting whenever I need a scoop. I just have to remember to strain out the twiggy bits or they hang around the bath later.

Version 2

Ok so if we are going to get all spa about it we will definitely need a flickering flame, right?  These are two of my favorites.  Joe Malone English Pear and Freesia.  Beautiful!

Of course is there any Jo Malone that we don’t like?


Penhaligans is addictive too.  Smoky and a little musky.  Nice for winter anywhere in your house….you will feel like you have a fireplace in your bathroom.


Now all you need is your favorite tunes on the wireless speaker and some time without kids banging on the door.  Hmmm, you might need earphones!



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